When you are the parent to a child with special needs, finding both a therapy and practitioners who instinctively meet your child where they are yet move them forward at every meeting, you know you’ve found home. At Sonatina Center, my daughter has simply thrived - from communication to interactions to cognition and auditory processing - at each step on the journey, she’s been fabulously supported by her amazing music therapists!
— Holly Carman, Parent

I am so thankful that we found Marissa. Music Therapy has made a tremendous difference for my daughter and I am amazed every day at the progress she has made.
— Jodi Duggan, Parent

Since working with Brandy, my 6 year old daughter has developed many tools to deal with her anxiety and difficulties with change and transition. The best part is that she loves it and looks forward to going each week!
— Lindsey, Parent

I sought Marissa’s doula services during my second pregnancy, with hopes that she could help me achieve my much desired VBAC. Her direction and support throughout my pregnancy helped ease my fears that my second birth would woefully repeat my first, and end in surgery. Marissa’s quiet, yet constant, presence during my labor, her unwavering encouragement, and thoughtful music selection to accompany every change and circumstance, enabled me to persist through transition in triage, and three hours of pushing, to welcome my second son into this world via unmedicated vbac. I am forever grateful.
— Kelly Crosby, Birth Doula Client

We are so pleased with the music enrichment that The Sonatina Center offers our program on a weekly basis. Marissa has a gentle and adaptive approach that the children really respond to. She has a lovely voice and provides the children with many opportunities to explore various instruments at their own unique skill level and pace.
— Bevin Smith, Center Director at Little Tree Education, Madbury, NH