Private 1:1 sessions for children and adults are offered in 30-, 45-, and 60-Minute sessions. Sessions are facilitated by a board certified music or art therapist who uses each individual's strengths and music & art medium preferences to target specific goals and objectives for their areas of need. Sessions may address any number of areas including communication, cognitive development, social skills, emotional regulation, motor strength, and well being. Sessions are primarily provided at The Sonatina Center, but may also be provided in the home when appropriate. Individuals must have an Initial Evaluation Session prior to starting weekly or bi-weekly individual therapy sessions. See description for evaluation session below.




Private family or dyad sessions aim to help both children and adults explore communication, identity, and support within the small group or family system.  Sessions are primarily provided at The Sonatina Center, but may also be provided in the home when appropriate. Session duration and frequency is determined during the initial therapy evaluation session.




This is the first step in the therapy process and required of all individuals prior to participating in an individual or family therapy session. This initial session involves music or art activities as well as client or parent/guardian interviews as the therapist assesses each individual's strengths and needs. Following the evaluation, your therapist will sit down with you to discuss their findings. They will confirm strengths and areas of need observed in an evaluation report. In addition, they will discuss their recommended treatment plan. A treatment plan outlines the specific goals and objectives for an individual. Session duration and frequency are determined during the initial therapy evaluation session. Once therapy begins, your therapist will keep track of progress on goals and add goals as needed or recommend termination of services. The providers at the Sonatina Center provide reports of progress for all clients on a quarterly basis. 



$30/30 MIN • $50/HOUR

Adaptive lessons are for individuals who benefit from a non-traditional approach and aim to help the student acquire music skills. Lessons are provided by board certified music therapists who are trained to accommodate a variety of learning styles and adapt each lesson to an individual's communication, behavioral, physical, cognitive or social challenges.




New clients to The Sonatina Center may have a "get to know you" consultation. This consultation is free of charge, may take place on the phone or in person, and serves as an opportunity for the new client to ask questions about services and gain a deeper understanding of the therapy process. This will also allow providers at the Sonatina Center to gather important information that will help us prepare for the evaluation session.



At this time, the Sonatina Center does not accept private insurance. If you wish to seek reimbursement through private insurance, we are happy to provide you with a superbill each month which will include CPT codes for services and our provider numbers. You can submit these invoices to your insurance company to seek reimbursement. Please contact Marissa Scott for additional information regarding private insurance reimbursement.

At this time, NH Medicaid does not cover music therapy or art therapy services.

If you are a NH Medicaid member, we encourage you to check with your local NH Area Agency (ie. Community Partners, One Sky Community Services) to inquire about Medicaid waiver programs and additional funding resources.