Grace... Power... Change


Throughout our website you may frequently see the image of the dragonfly. You also might have noticed a dragonfly around my neck and the dragonflies on my guitar strap. It's no secret, that I love dragonflies, but what you might not know is why I chose the dragonfly as a symbol to represent the Sonatina Center.

The dragonfly is delicate, yet incredibly powerful and has the ability to transform. Dragonflies can easily right themselves, find balance, and maneuver through difficult turns when flying. Dragonflies are a symbol of grace and power. They are also symbol of change associated with self-realization, a beautiful symbol of empowerment.

We believe that the journey of our clients is much like the flight and symbology of a dragonfly. Through unexpected changes, we strive to empower our clients, providing them with the tools they need to have more self-awareness, and self-realization that will greatly help them on their journey to their best self. 

I hope that this symbolism will invigorate you during your creative arts therapy experience.