Art Therapy Helps the Anxious Teen

Hello and thank you for reading!

It is so exciting to be a part of The Sonatina Center's passionate and creative team.  As I start organizing my time and group schedules, I have been thinking about the kinds of groups I want to provide to the community of Dover. 

As an art therapist since 2007, I have worked with many different people facing a variety of challenges. Over the years, I have found that we all need support from time to time. Life can be hard and overwhelming at times-- especially when we face difficult life transitions.


Children and teens face so many complex issues these days. They need a safe place to explore all the feelings they have surrounding family, friendship, and growing up. Their worlds change so quickly and often drastically; they may not have supports in place to positively deal with all that is developing around and within them.

Art therapy is a fantastic way to help children and teens because it deals with problems in a non-verbal way. Individuals can express the feelings they have, work through complicated emotions, and begin to clarify all the things that we "just...Uuggghhhh! You don't understand!" When children are anxious, they have a hard time enjoying all the wonderful things going on around them. Perhaps they have started having problems at school or in social settings, their anxiety is restricting them from being happy and living life to their full potential. 

Art therapy works so well with reducing anxiety. Usually we start off with a mindfulness and relaxation exercise. Then, we get into an art-making hour. I help you relax, breathe, and create.  Then, at the end of the session, we all talk about what we have made. We talk about how we feel and what we see in our work. There is often a big difference in how people feel in the beginning of the group, and afterwards.

In an art therapy group for anxiety, your child may discover:

  • Art-making reflects your strengths.

  • Art-making comes from the unknown but ends up familiar.

  • Art-making gives you a renewed understanding of the joys in life.

  • Art-making helps put emotions and events into perspective.

If you are interested in talking more about how art therapy can support your child, contact us for a free consult.