Birth Doula Service

A birth doula can help you prepare for and achieve a satisfying birth experience. Doulas provide emotional and physical support to the birthing mother and her partner during each stage of labor. In addition to traditional doula services, we provide Sound Birthing TM doula services. Music for birth can decrease anxiety, promote relaxation, decrease pain, stimulate movement, and enhance bonding. Using the Sound Birthing TM method, our dual certified birth doula and MTACB Specialist will create a music program with you based on current research and music found to be highly effective during different stages of labor. Get started with a free interview to answer all your questions!

Private Music & Art Therapy Sessions

Private one-on-one sessions address your specific concerns during pregnancy and postpartum while fueling you with self-care and relaxation strategies. Some common concerns include: general anxiety, postpartum depression, processing a difficult or traumatic birth, writing a birth song, bonding with your baby and adjusting to your new role as a parent. 

Music for Birth 90 minute supplemental workshop

A single session workshop for expecting couples who would like to learn about the Sound Birthing Music TM method and utilize music for their birth experience. In this 90-minute single session, participants will learn about Sound Birthing Music theory and its' applications for birth including music categories as they apply to different stages of labor and various categories such as movement, relaxation, empowerment, bonding, meditation, and celebration. Each participant will take home a nightly practice routine to get started using music for birth right away. 


Music for birth comprehensive workshop

This is a comprehensive 4-session workshop for expecting couples who would like to learn about the Sound Birthing Music TM method and utilize music for their birth experience but who may or may not be choosing to have a doula present during their birth. This workshop will cover the following topics:

Session I: Overview of the Sound Birthing Music theory and music categories, creating a Spotify Account, accessing the Sound Birthing Music TM programs, Developing a nightly practice routine, and the importance of music preferences

Session II: Personalizing the nightly practice sessions, guidelines for listening to the Sound Birthing Music playlists, creating personalized playlists for early labor, and creating an original womb song to bond with your baby and connect prenatally.

Session III: Preparing for labor, comfort measures for the last weeks of pregnancy into labor and postpartum, applications of music for labor and birth, creating and choosing lullabies. 

Session IV: Writing your birth story, using music after birth, music in daily routines, and postpartum wellness. 


Finding my new ‘mom’ identity

This group is designed for new mothers with a first-born baby or a recent addition to the family.  Through a creative art directive, moms will nurture their self-esteem, connect with their identity, and collaborate with others who are learning to navigate this new parenting role. This group is intended to be informative and provide support for individuals adjusting to the daily challenges of caring for a newborn, while also learning how to grow as an independent woman. Attendees can expect to have a completed piece of art memorabilia from each session. This is a drop-in group, and babies are welcome! (*0-8 months)

Registration is required. Space is limited.

*Due to the nature of art supplies, this group will be best suited for infants that are NOT independently mobile yet.


Groove & Grow Music

Once your baby is born, you won't want to miss Groove & Grow...a fun and unique music class for the whole family. Designed by board certified music therapist, Marissa Scott, the curriculum combines a developmental and therapeutic approach to meet the needs of your little one at various ages and stages. 

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Makin’ a mess with me

Makin' A Mess is a fun and unique art class for the whole family! Makin' A Mess is offered at our center in Dover, NH for children and caregivers ages 12 months to 4 years old. Toddlers and young children awaken to their world through creativity, imagination, and play. In a Makin' A Mess art class, children will build trust, explore and master a sense of control through creative play, and foster relationships with caregivers, siblings, and peers. During this class, little ones will have opportunities to draw, paint, sculpt, create, engage in sensory play and of course have a lot of fun! Join with your one and only or bring the whole family for super sibling fun.


 ICAN Support group

ICAN of Seacoast, NH is a chapter of the International Cesarean Awareness Network, a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve maternal-child health by reducing preventable cesareans through education, supporting cesarean recovery, and advocating for vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC)

ICAN meets monthly at The Sonatina Center. Connect on Facebook for the next meeting date or visit the website below! 


Get Creative With your Birth

With music, art, movement, and creativity, we have a full spectrum of support to offer you during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey. Our offerings include birth doula services, one-to-one music therapy sessions focusing on relaxation and self-care strategies, consultations, workshops, community resources and more! 


My Birth Philosophy

Every family deserves to have a satisfying birth experience based on their own unique perceptions and life experiences. I will provide you with unconditional support, free of judgement, so you can relax and focus on what's important... your growing family. I believe that creative arts are a powerful form of self-expression that can provide you with invaluable benefits such as deepening relaxation, decreasing anxiety, stimulating movement, igniting self-awareness and self-expression, fostering a sense of empowerment and profoundly strengthening and enhancing relationships.